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Digital Travel Claims: Optimising Customer Experience for Best-In-Class Claims Management

Date: 28/08/2020 | Tags: Featured, Travel Claims, Claims Management, Claims, Innovation, Digital Strategy

“Super satisfied. Brilliant service. Can’t improve on perfection. Thank you.”
– Rightpath Claims Customer Comment

The Challenge

Needing to make an insurance claim of any kind can be a painful experience. Travel claims, triggered by unfortunate events which often take place away from the comforts of home, can be particularly painful for all those affected. Slow processing, false starts and being left in the dark over the status of a claim all serve to compound this experience.

How can insurers help claimants overcome this pain?

An end-to-end customer experience that addresses these factors is an insurer’s opportunity to set the balance straight in the eyes of consumers, creating customer satisfaction and mitigating the pain of having to make a claim in the first place, whilst nurturing lifelong brand loyalty in the process.

Customer Experience = Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is a direct result of customer experience; the speed and quality of the services being delivered, and the ease at which customers can access those services. Of course, customer service, the root of both experience and satisfaction, has a critical impact on customer retention. According to Forbes, 96% of customers state customer service as a driving factor in remaining with a chosen brand. Customers expect services to be rapid, straightforward and transparent, equaling the best examples of service delivery they have encountered across all industries and not simply within a given sector, such as insurance.

Furthermore, according to Statista, 88% of customers expect some level of self-service empowerment from their service providers.

Insurers cannot afford to be left behind in the race to reap the practical benefits of digital claims service delivery.

The Solution: The Best-In-Class Approach

Digital, self-service travel claims, delivered in synergy with optimised offline processes featuring exceptional customer care, is the key to building best-in-class customer experiences that propel customer satisfaction.

With over a decade of experience in the complexities of travel claims management, Rightpath Claims’ new and pioneering digital claims model combines in-depth travel claims knowledge and practical digital strategy to deliver a fundamentally different approach to travel claims management.

This new, customer-centric claims model provides an intuitive and dynamic claim setup process, designed to reduce claims lifecycles and increase claims service cost-effectiveness. In addition, all claimants are supported by Rightpath’s highly-experienced, diligent and friendly travel claims teams and a streamlined assessment process driven by complex automation for faster claims resolution.

Guidance for the correct information, first time.
A common frustration for customers in the process of making a claim is the submission of the correct evidence for their claim. Uploading the wrong information can result in something the customer sees as a false start, resulting in extra correspondence and processing delays whilst new information is supplied.

To address this, Rightpath’s digital claims portal guides claimants into uploading the correct document with evidence requests referencing the individual detail of their claim, dynamically generated in real-time. This greatly reduces the likelihood of incorrect or missing information and reduces claims touch points to a minimum, enabling faster claims processing overall for a far greater customer experience.

Transparency and peace of mind.
Lack of visibility into the status of a claim can present another cause of displeasure for claimants supported by other, more basic customer journeys. Customers left unaware of any claims progress are often forced to resort to contacting the claims management agency for updates.

For on-demand clarity into the status of a claim, Rightpath Claims’ claimants can log back into the digital self-service travel claims portal at any stage to check the individual assessment status of each piece of evidence they have uploaded, in real-time. Any new information requests are also listed here, with instructions on what is needed and why, as well as what to do next. Changes in the status of a claim also trigger an automated notification to the claimant, keeping claimants fully informed of the claim as it progresses.

“Straight-forward claims process online and a flexible claims team made the process easy.”
– Rightpath Claims Customer Comment

The next step.

Exceptional offline services are essential to the success of any digital self-service approach. By combining the best of online and offline practices, Rightpath seeks to enable insurers to overcome common customer pain points, such as slow claims processing, false starts and process visibility, empowering claimants with best-in-class customer experiences and maintaining an insurer’s online competitive advantage.

Rightpath’s highly scalable, customer-centric approach is primed for continuous enhancement, and even greater claims automation in the form of handler-free travel claims, as identified as a key milestone in Rightpath’s digital strategy. Contact Rightpath Claims for a demonstration of the new digital travel claims model, today.

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