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Media Centre | Groundbreaking New, Digital Self-Service Travel Claims Portal for Claim Lifecycle Reduction and Greater Cost Efficiency – Demo Available Now

Groundbreaking New, Digital Self-Service Travel Claims Portal for Claim Lifecycle Reduction and Greater Cost Efficiency – Demo Available Now

Date: 19/08/2020 | Tags: Featured, Travel Claims, Claims Management, Claims, Innovation, Digital Strategy

Digital travel claims pioneers, Rightpath Claims have rolled out a groundbreaking new customer-centric self-service claims portal. This intuitive online system is designed to significantly reduce claims lifecycles, increase cost efficiency for insurers and empower customers with full visibility into the status of their claim, in real time.

This has led to a fundamentally different approach to claims processing which Rightpath believes is set to disrupt the current travel claims management model.

Last year, Rightpath Insurance Solutions and digital claims consultancy, Digi2L, unveiled their Digital Road Map; a pro-active initiative and an evolving timeline of digital claims innovations designed to deliver continuous improvement of the claims customer experience and optimise the claims management process.

Following a successful pilot which saw claims lifecycles reduced by 57% for Rightpath Claims’ sister brand, Auto Refunds, earlier this year, the new portal has now been rolled out to Rightpath’s flagship brand and travel claims centre of excellence, Rightpath Claims. Rightpath Claims has over a decade of in-depth experience in travel claims management, supporting thousands of claimants and their insurers every year.

Dynamic Question Sets = Intuitive Self-Service Process
Every aspect of the claims setup process, contained within a fully customisable portal style interface, is tailored to the individual policy held by the claimant, with question sets dynamically generated as required throughout the setup process. This ensures that the full process is relevant to the individual claim being created. This responsive approach extends to evidence requests with Rightpath’s Structured Document Upload. Structured

Document Upload = Reduced Claims Lifecycles
Structured Document Upload guides the claimant into the upload of the correct document, first time. Insurers have the option to hold the claim at claim setup until all required evidence is supplied by the claimant, further reducing handler touchpoints. If an individual, non-valid item of evidence is uploaded the claimant receives an email stating the reason for the rejection of the relevant file and a new upload request is automatically generated.

Once all evidence is supplied the claim is processed through complex automation, this streamlines claims administration, enabling claims assessors to make quick and accurate decisions relating to the claim. This optimised and scalable approach to the claims journey has been developed to significantly reduce claims lifecycles for the customer.

Self-Service Claim Status Transparency = Peace of Mind
Whenever the status of a claim changes the claimant receives an automated email notification. Furthermore, the claimant is able to return to the portal at any time to check the approval status of each individual item of evidence they have supplied. If any further action is required from the claimant to help progress their claim, information on what action is required is also provided within the portal in real-time. This delivers full claim status transparency and grants greater peace of mind to the claimant.

Increased Cost Efficiency
The effect of digital automation in reducing claims handling touchpoints and as a result, the overall claims lifecycle, has the potential for greater claims service cost efficiency and reduced claims management costs overall.

Rightpath brand, Digi2L have been shortlisted for 5 claims and innovation awards so far in 2020. As testament to these achievements, the new travel claims portal compliments Rightpath Claims’ comprehensive and highly scalable travel claims management service, featuring tight leakage controls, robust fraud prevention and detailed, bespoke MI reporting.

If you would like a demonstration of the new digital claims portal, or travel claims management services from Rightpath Claims, please contact Digi2L on: 01268 214096 or email: marketing@rpisolutions.com

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