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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Rightpath Claims as Your Travel Claims TPA

Date: 13/05/2020 | Tags: Featured, Claims Management, TPA, Rightpath Claims, Travel

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Choosing the right claims management facility is critical in ensuring customer satisfaction, brand values and cost-effectiveness are protected and preserved. This is especially important as countries, the insurance industry, and individuals plot a route away from lockdown conditions and seek ways to make each pound spent work that much harder.

In-House Vs. Outsourcing
An in-house claims management facility may seem like a cost-efficient alternative to the standard claims management model of outsourcing the claims to an established third-party administration (TPA) provider. This may be because many insurers are unaware of the full suite of services a progressive and innovative TPA can provide, in addition to true cost-efficiency at individual claim level, without the investment required to set-up, manage and develop an in-house team.

Rightpath Insurance Solutions has been working proactively on adding value to it’s services long before the current COVID-19 crisis. Every Rightpath insurer benefits from reporting supported by a dedicated Data Engineer, enterprise-level security, proven rapid scalability and customer satisfaction surveys as standard.

Competitive Pricing, Flexible Service
Furthermore, Rightpath’s tiered and competitive pricing structure allows insurers to tailor services to their specific requirements.

Here are the top ten reasons to choose Rightpath Claims as your travel claims TPA.

1) Experienced Teams
Founded in 2007 as a travel claims centre of excellence, Rightpath Claims benefits from the collective knowledge of some of the most experienced travel claims professionals in the industry. Every team member is passionate about travel claims, treating every customer with diligence, knowledge and empathy. Our Travel Claims Manager alone has almost 30 years of travel claims expertise.

2) Innovation
Rightpath Claims was founded on the practical application of cutting-edge technology to optimise the claims process, as well a pioneering the automated online assessment and validation of travel claims in real-time with the AI-based travel claims platform, ATICS. Functionality that remains unique within travel claims.

Real-time Online Claim Assessment and Validation
A travel claims industry first upon release of first generation ATICS in 2007, formed of thousands of logic-based question and decision sets and benefiting from continual refinement and enhancement. Today, ATICS is even more powerful as the backbone for Rightpath’s Digital Road Map.

Developed in collaboration with Rightpath’s innovation incubator, Digi2L, the Digital Road Map is formed of a series of online claims process innovations set to reduce costs and disrupt the standard TPA model. The first stage of the Digi2L roadmap is rolling out now, exclusively to insurers choosing Rightpath as their TPA.

3) Customer Experience
An exemplary customer experience is the cornerstone of all services delivered by Rightpath Claims. From highly experienced team members and an intuitive online claims portal, to regular customer satisfaction surveying as standard. Regularly achieving overall customer satisfaction scores above 90%, Rightpath is continually seeking ways to enhance the customer experience for claimants, and the insurers it serves.

4) Rapid Scalability
Our expertise is complimented by our proven ability to deliver trusted claim surge protection at significant volumes, without a loss of quality for Rightpath Claims, and its sister brands. This is a testament to the training and best practice applied by all our team members. For example, most recently, by benefiting from the same efficiency and attention to detail, one of Rightpath Claims' sister brands has delivered a refund exercise of an unprecedented scale, serving many tens of thousands of claims with a bespoke claims service and portal with just a 7 day lead time.

5) Robust Fraud Prevention
Fraud, when undetected, is a significant issue for the insurance industry. Rightpath Claims combines complex AI and years of practiced diligence in the successful detection and prevention of claims fraud. Rightpath’s pioneering claims system alone applies over 40 metrics and 120 threshold values to every case, isolating and flagging suspected fraudulent claim attempts for special investigation.

6) Bespoke MI and Reporting
Insurers supported by Rightpath Claims can choose a fully bespoke MI and reporting structure customised to the information and schedule they require. Rightpath’s analytical tools capture comprehensive performance data at scheme, policy and individual level, with further optional support from a dedicated Data Engineer, client dashboard login, data dumps and secure remote access for audit. Rightpath’s reporting options also extend to the Lloyd’s and London Framework.

7) Dedicated Account Executive
All services are supported by a dedicated Account Executive, from scheme set-up to day to day case management and service enhancement.

8) Cost Efficiency
Rightpath Claims’ tiered pricing structure ensures that added-value services are provided at budgets to suit all insurers. In addition, Rightpath’s game-changing online claims platform helps minimise unnecessary claim touchpoints to reduce claims handling costs. With further features designed to reduce consolidated claims management fees both rolling out now and in development, Rightpath is set to disrupt the standard claims management model.

9) Leakage
Due to stringent control measures made possible thanks to ATICS, Rightpath is able to maintain leakage at less than 1%, achieving further cost-savings for the insurer. Other claims management providers, with an average leakage of 3%, would cost the insurer an additional £600,000 where a combined annual claim cost is at £20m.

10) White-label Delivery
All of Rightpath Claims services can be delivered as custom branded solutions, fully in-line with product messaging and visual identity. From DDI, email and postal correspondence, to bespoke online claims portals and in-centre décor.

Insurers interested in working with Rightpath Claims should contact us today, on: 01268 214096

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